FairHeat was founded in 2015, by leading heat network innovators, with a vision to lead the transition to a fair, low carbon economy in the United Kingdom.

FairHeat is a specialist energy consultancy, focused exclusively on the quality assurance for heat networks and building performance, with a mission to deliver solutions that enables the market to design, deliver and operate building systems that work for end users and the environment.

Having worked on over 300 heat network projects, the team is empowered with an unmatched breadth and depth of knowledge. FairHeat’s knowledge and experience enables the team to take an uncompromising approach to reducing capital expenditure, mitigating risk and increasing system efficiency.

Whether you are in the early stages of planning heat for a new development, or operating an existing heat network, FairHeat will be the expert in your corner specifying the right equipment, testing systems and ensuring your network is fit for the long haul. FairHeat is able to provide this support off the back of unrivalled exposure to system performance data derived from multiple live networks, extensive analysis of the impact of system interventions (changes designed to improve efficiency), along with in-depth testing of heat network hardware.

Put simply, FairHeat has a unique insight into how to best specify new heat networks and maximise efficiency from exiting systems.



Whether it is the quality of individuals hired or solutions delivered to clients, at FairHeat quality is never compromised.


FairHeat are trusted advisors in the industry, integrity and fairness are at the forefront of every initiative.


Knowledge transfer, innovation and learning are an ongoing practice at FairHeat that continuously challenges the standards of the organization.


The industry’s sustainability goals can only be achieved if all stakeholders work as a collective, FairHeat actively collaborates with government, industry groups and clients to help achieve a low carbon economy.


Industry Shaping

Heat networks will play a significant role in the long-term decarbonization of heating in the UK, supporting the UK’s ambitious targets to reach net zero by 2050. FairHeat is championing this mission by influencing the energy industry to raise its quality standards and regulations on heat networks. The FairHeat team are involved in over 8 key industry groups that work toward redefining industry standards and government regulations. Some of the key influences made to date include contributing to the core of the ADE CIBSE Heat Networks Code of Practice (CP1 2020), introducing the method of Acceptance Testing in heat networks and developing the HIU test regime for the UK network.

The power of data

Delivering low-carbon heat is one of the biggest challenges in the transition to a net-zero emissions future. Technology in this industry has become an essential tool and data is starting to be used to effectively improve heat networks. FairHeat realised this opportunity early and partnered with Guru Systems, collaborating in the creation of guru technology for data and performance analysis of heat networks, enabling the delivery of lower cost and carbon heat networks. With the use of the Guru’s technology, Fairheat can provide clients support with unrivalled exposure to system performance data derived from multiple live networks, extensive analysis of the impact of system interventions (changes designed to improve efficiency), along with in-depth testing of heat network hardware.

Engineering Excellence

FairHeat employs some of the best and brightest engineers. From day one of employment, all engineers are setup on the path of chartership and the continuous professional and technical development of team members is a high priority. FairHeat Engineers challenge the status quo and do not compromise technical standards, moreover they aim to deliver new and improved technical standards. It is encouraged to always evaluate every engineering challenge and assess it against first principles, ensuring the most efficient solution.

Growing future leaders

FairHeat is committed to developing young engineering talent and creating opportunities for young people to grow and thrive in our sector. As the first organisation to draw in chemical engineers into the heat network industry, FairHeat is championing awareness and upskilling of talent. FairHeat not only guide future leaders within the organisation but also actively participates in and encourages external mentoring programmes to ensure knowledge transfer and upskilling is applied throughout the industry.



Over 40% of theFairHeat team is madeup of recent graduates.


Around 80% of theFairHeat team areEngineers.


Nurturing, collaborativeand progressiveenvironment.