FairHeat graduate scheme.

The heat network sector is growing. The decarbonisation of heat is increasingly pivotal to tackling climate change and meeting the demanding but essential targets for reaching Zero Carbon in the UK by 2050.

At FairHeat, we are committed to ensuring that the industry has the future skills and talent it needs to play its part in this vital challenge. This is why we have developed our graduate scheme to identify and nurture young engineering talent and create opportunities for young people to grow and thrive in our sector. The FairHeat Graduate Scheme has been recognised in the industry, as a leading space for young engineers to perform and grow, being awarded the CIBSE Young Engineers Award – Employer of the Year in 2019, 2021 and 2022.

Applications for FairHeat's Graduate Scheme 2024 is open from  08/09/2023 till 03/11/2023.

If you would like to apply, please send your CV and cover letter to jobs@fairheat.com.

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About the scheme.

Our graduate scheme has been developed to give you the technical skills, knowledge and experience in all aspects of heat network development. Over two years, you’ll do six-month placements across the full lifecycle of a heat network:

New Build: Design

New Build: Commissioning

Operations: Performance Improvement

Operations: Performance Maintenance

Each placement requires a mix of practical onsite work and office-based work to ensure you gain a complete understanding of how heat networks operate.The programme also includes delivering a series of special projects that focus on areas of business improvement or technical innovation. This gives you the opportunity to bring the knowledge and skills you’ve developed into a project that you can own and drive within the business.

Professional Development

Find out more from our graduate teamon their experiences with FairHeat:

Graduate Engineers Who Successfully Completed The Scheme:

Ryan Harris

"Coming out of university I wanted to be challenged and FairHeat was able to provide that. The graduate scheme enabled me to quickly learn commercial and technical aspects of the industry such that I am confident interacting with leading consultants and contractors.".

Ellen Hassett

"The FairHeat graduate scheme provided me with a multitude of opportunities to expand my technical knowledge, cultivate professional relationships with industry leaders and develop client communication skills. FairHeat encouraged, challenged and supported me in my technical and professional development, growing my confidence to meet the challenges we face in the decarbonisation of heat".

Tom Burton

"The FairHeat graduate scheme provided me with great opportunities to develop my technical and communication skills, and develop into a position where I am confident leading on delivery of projects. I also enjoyed my research projects and the chance to impact the industry so early on in my career".

Ellie Hiscock

"The FairHeat graduate scheme has presented a diverse range of opportunities that have devleoped my technical skills. The variety of projects is exciting and from the start I have been encouraged to take each oppotunity and been supported in developing my confidence, knowledgebase and communication with both internal and external stakeholders".

Mark Reynolds

"The graduate experience at FairHeat has helped me to develop technical expertise and consulting skills through working on a variety of projects at different stages. I've always felt supported and encouraged on any challenges which has helped me grow in confidence as an engineer.".

Lucy Sherburn

"The mixture of on-site experience and office based work makes no day on the FairHeat graduate scheme the same. The graduate scheme has not only allowed me to grow in technical ability, but also in the skills that allow me to confidently communicate to clients and contractors and participate in wider industry events".

Nikzad Falahati

"Throughout the FairHeat graduate scheme, I have been able to work on a range of projects at different stages of development. The support from the whole team at FairHeat has been crucial for my growth in this sector and as an engineer. The scheme has been an invaluable learning experience.".

Simran Chaggar

"This graduate scheme alllows you to work on a wide range of projects which means that every day is different and you get to experience all aspects of the business. Most importantly, it equips you with technical and soft skills to confidently go out into the industry and make a change".

Current Graduate Engineers:

Jake Adamson

"FairHeat was an incredibly attractive company to join for myself. It has the largest set of heat network engineers in this country, and I was extremely impressed by the company outlook on sustainability and wanting to provide green and affordable domestic hot water and space heating to residents all over the country. I’m looking forward to work with both the New-build side of heat networks, as well as in operations to help decarbonise the UK and shift the country towards its vital target of net-zero Carbon by 2050, but preferably before that."

Joshua Piearcey

"I’m proud to be with a leader in the industry and hope to learn a lot in my time at FairHeat."

Francesca James

“At FairHeat, we make a real contribution to the decarbonisation of the economy, and as a graduate I’ve found it to be a really unique opportunity to be able to make an impact so early in my career. It’s exciting to be at the heart of such a rapidly growing industry.”

Sylwester Luty

“After six years on the construction site, I decided to change the direction of my career and move to design. Since my early days in the construction industry, I have always been involved in district heating networks install and commissioning. Joining FairHeat was an excellent opportunity to learn how heat networks are designed from scratch and how to improve them to meet the UK decarbonisation targets.”

Nina Dungworth

“Fairheat offers a great opportunity to apply the knowledge gained throughout my Chemical Engineering degree towards the decarbonisation of UK heating. They stood out to me as a company who strive to lead the future of UK heat networks and I've been provided with great technical development opportunities since joining.”

Laura Rashed

“I chose to join FairHeat because I want to make an impact by solving the complex challenges associated with climate change. I am interested in renewable energy and want to help transition the world to a low carbon economy. I am excited to gain experience from FairHeat on heat networks and be able to apply knowledge from my degree.”

Sharon Mohan-Kumar

“The advances made by FairHeat in its innovative approach to try and unlock solutions to complex challenges within the heat network industry, such as decarbonisation is what initially attracted me to this role. Seeing the far-reaching impacts of these developments to improve quality assurance for heat networks and building performance only increased my motivation about the job. I believe that Fairheat offers me a good opportunity to apply my technical knowledge acquired by studying chemical engineering to make a positive impact in the heating industry as we strive for a low carbon economy.”

Joseph Shanley

“When finding my first job out of university, it was important for me to feel I could be in a place where I could make a real-life contribution. FairHeat’s outlook on sustainability and their aims to aid decarbonisation in the UK provided me a great opportunity to get stuck in and really make a difference in an important and ever-growing industry.”

Faye Bautista

“Working at FairHeat interested me as their success in providing quality assurance and redefining industry standards for heat networks are crucial in supporting the UK’s plans for net zero emissions through the decarbonisation of heat. I've been fortunate to gain experience with companies that share my values for a more sustainable society, and I'm excited to continue my career with FairHeat to help lead the transition to a low carbon economy.”

Thomas Lupton

“Joining FairHeat is an exciting opportunity to join leading experts in the Heat Networks industry and to learn/work with its best engineers. FairHeat’s focus on sustainability and decarbonisation of the UK drew me to the role as I aspire to be a part of the solution to the climate crisis.”

Sebastian Janssen

“I am tremendously excited to be working for FairHeat. The necessity to decarbonise is becoming ever clearer, but I think the role that heat networks can play in that isn’t being paid enough attention. To begin my career working in such a pivotal field- and with the UK’s largest collection of heat network engineers- is very exciting and just as fulfilling.”

Faizah Ahmed

“FairHeat really piqued my interest as a company that aspires to be a leader in paving the future of UK heat networks. It's exciting to be part of a dynamic and rapidly growing industry that can make a real positive impact, not just on the environment but on the lives of people through secure and affordable heating. I'm looking forward to continuing to develop new skills and playing a role in the journey to strive towards the UK's decarbonisation of heat and reaching its goal of net zero carbon.”

Ryan Collins

“Not only are FairHeat playing an instrumental role in decarbonising heat in the UK, but they are also developing young engineers into leaders within the industry. I chose to join FairHeat because I knew I would get experience and exposure to some exciting projects early on in my career.”