FairHeat inspires and develops engineers that will become the future leaders of the industry.


FairHeat is an award-winning heat network consultancy that is enjoying rapid growth. This is an exciting time for the company, and we are always on the lookout for the best talent to become part of our team.

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The FairHeat team enjoys professional and social trips around the UK and occasionally in select locations of Europe.

On a weekly basis you can find the FairHeat team joined together, physically or virtually, for a catch-up. The team shares weekly updates, interesting events that have occurred, recognition of milestones and achievements, and wraps it up with a quiz. The office is always stocked up with carefully considered drinks to service the weekly catch up.

FairHeat has quite a social environment, to encourage the team having regular catch ups with newcomers and colleagues from different teams, random coffee was created. On a weekly basis each team member is matched randomly with a coffee partner, the pair arrange a virtual chat or a physical meetup.

Every quarter the social committee plans for an exciting and new social event the whole team can enjoy. Team building is essential and at FairHeat we are always looking for new ways to integrate the teams and build memories together.

The FairHeat team works together to ensure knowledge transfer is practiced at all levels of the business. On a regular basis workshops are setup to encourage an interactive learning environment.

FairHeat openly supports initiatives and organizes internal workshops, training and other activities for the team to learn from and collaborate where possible. Topics discussed included diversity & equality, mental health and climate change.

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