FairHeat inspires and develops engineers that will become the future leaders of the industry.


Welcome to FairHeat, where we’re not just a consultancy but a revolution in the heat network industry. Founded in 2015 by sector innovators, we’ve quickly risen to become trusted industry leaders, unmatched in our breadth and depth of knowledge in heat networks. Our accolades, including being a three-time CIBSE Young Engineer Employer of the Year winner, speak to our commitment to excellence and innovation.

As a small yet rapidly growing force, we’re making bold and transformative moves in the industry. Our sustainably-driven ethos means we’re at the forefront of providing low carbon solutions, and our data-based approach sets us apart, offering unparalleled access to performance data. We’re not just participants in the heat network industry; we’re shaping it. Our influence is evident in our contributions to raising quality standards and regulations, and our involvement with many key industry groups showcases our commitment to knowledge-sharing and collaboration. We believe that a diverse workforce is essential to address the skill gap within the industry and are committed to fostering a more inclusive and diverse environment.

But what truly sets us apart is our team. We’re proud to say that 74% of our team are dedicated Engineers, with around 45% being recent graduates, showcasing our commitment to nurturing and developing the future leaders of the industry. We believe in a supportive, collaborative, and progressive environment, where every member, from seasoned experts to fresh graduates, plays a pivotal role. Our central London offices are a hub of innovation, where a friendly and diverse team comes together, driven by a collective passion for engineering excellence and making a significant impact towards a better future.

At FairHeat, our values are not just words; they’re the essence of our culture. We uphold quality, trust, knowledge, and collaboration in everything we do. If you’re looking to be part of a team that’s not just about work but about making a difference, FairHeat is the place for you.

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The FairHeat team enjoys professional and social trips around the UK and occasionally in select locations of Europe.

On a regular basis you can find the FairHeat team joined together, physically or virtually, for a catch-up. The team shares updates, interesting events that have occurred, recognition of milestones and achievements.

FairHeat has quite a social environment, to encourage the team having regular catch ups with newcomers and colleagues from different teams, random coffee was created. On a weekly basis each team member is matched randomly with a coffee partner, the pair arrange a virtual chat or a physical meetup.

Every quarter the Social Committee and Senior Leadership Team plans for an exciting and new team building event the whole team can enjoy. We are always looking for new ways to integrate the teams and build memories together.

The FairHeat team works together to ensure knowledge transfer is practiced at all levels of the business. On a regular basis workshops are setup to encourage an interactive learning environment.

FairHeat openly supports initiatives and organizes internal workshops, training and other activities for the team to learn from and collaborate where possible. Topics discussed included diversity & equality, mental health and climate change.

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