Grow Your Expertise with Funded Heat Network Training

Comprehensive courses, fully government funded, designed by FairHeat to support housing providers, heat network operators and engineers develop their heat network knowledge.

About Our Training Programme

We are proud to introduce our Heat Network Training Programme in 2024. This initiative is designed to meet the growing demand for housing providers, heat network operators and engineers. Our training courses cover every aspect of heat network technical and operational management, ensuring participants are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of an expanding industry and evolving regulations.

We are delighted to be a Government Heat Network Training Provider, enabling us to provide fully grant-funded courses at no cost to you or your organisation. Our seven training courses aim to increase the skills and capacity across the heat network sector. These courses provide a blend of technical knowledge and practical skills, covering everything from design and feasibility to operation and maintenance.

We understand that managing heat networks can feel like navigating a labyrinth of technical challenges and complex systems. But don’t worry – you don’t need to be an engineer to master it. Our training is tailored for professionals with industry experience who want to deepen their understanding without getting lost in technical jargon. We’re here to guide you through every step, making advanced concepts accessible and practical.


As someone familiar with the heat network industry, you know how crucial it is to stay ahead of regulatory changes. Our training will provide a clear and comprehensive overview of upcoming regulations like the Heat Network Technical Assurance Scheme (HNTAS), ensuring you and your organisation are ready to meet new standards with confidence.

Heat networks can be complex, our courses break down these complexities, covering everything from planning and design to daily operations. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the entire lifecycle of heat networks, enhancing your ability to oversee projects and operations effectively.

Managing risks is a critical part of any heat network project. Our training will equip you with the skills to identify and mitigate risks throughout the design, implementation, and operation phases. You’ll learn to foresee potential issues and implement preventive measures, ensuring smooth project execution.

FairHeat authored the Heat Network Operation Guidance, which is now a standard national approach to investigating and optimising existing heat networks. We understand that efficiency is key to the success of any heat network. Our training offers practical techniques to boost operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve reliability. With our guidance, you’ll be able to implement strategies that enhance the performance of your network, aligning with industry best practices.

Heat networks often present unique challenges that require innovative solutions. Our courses will strengthen your problem-solving abilities, providing you with the tools to address and resolve technical issues effectively. You’ll be better equipped to maintain high performance and reliability in your network.

Clear communication between teams is essential for the success of any project. Our training will enhance your ability to convey information on heat networks in a way that’s understandable for technical and non-technical audiences. You’ll be able to facilitate better collaboration and understanding across your organisation.

Who can benefit from the training?

We recognise the complexities of the heat network industry and are dedicated to supporting all professionals across the industry in navigating these challenges.  Whether you are on a technical or management team you can benefit from our training courses to elevate your expertise and confidently lead your heat network projects and operations towards greater efficiency and compliance.

Explore Our Training Courses

Benefit from our expert-led training, completely funded at no expense to you or your organisation.

Learn to diagnose and address performance issues in existing networks. This course provides a foundational understanding of heat network principles and the implications of regulatory changes. Trainees will learn to diagnose and address common failures and performance issues in existing systems. By the end of this course, participants will be equipped with strategies to ensure ongoing optimal performance, adapting to evolving standards and maximising system efficiency.

  • Who is this course for: Heat Network Operators, Housing Associations, Local Authorities.
  • Key Learnings: Strategies for ongoing optimal performance.

This course covers the economic aspects of heat networks, focusing on tariff setting. Operators will gain insights into the relationship between network performance and tariff structures, understanding how to develop fair and accurate billing processes. Detailed training on the calculation of heat tariffs, including what costs are incurred and how these should be reflected in pricing, will enable trainees to implement transparent pricing models that comply with new customer protection regulations.

  • Who is this course for: Heat Network Operators, Housing Associations, Local Authorities.
  • Key Learnings: Transparent pricing models compliant with new regulations.

This course centres on the operational aspects of heat networks, particularly the servicing of HIUs. The course covers the technical procedures for HIU maintenance and the utilisation of performance data for system optimisation. Engineers will leave the course capable of performing HIU servicing that enhances the overall efficiency and reliability of the heat network.

  • Who is this course for: Maintenance engineers
  • Key Learnings: Enhance network efficiency and reliability. 

How to Get It Right intended for operators involved in the early stages of heat network projects, this course offers a strategic view of planning and feasibility assessments. It covers the selection of heat generation sources, the impact of network routing on performance, and the integration of sustainability assessments and overheating/acoustics. Participants will learn to align project strategies with environmental regulations and best practices, ensuring that each new project is viable and sustainable from the outset.

  • Who is this course for: Heat Network Operators, Housing Associations, Local Authorities.
  • Key Learnings: Ensure project viability and sustainability from the outset.

This course enhances the understanding of quality assurance processes within the framework of the Heat Network Technical Assurance Scheme (HNTAS). By focusing on the design stage, it teaches operators how to integrate and apply quality assurance practices to avoid common design and implementation errors. The course emphasizes the development of Employers Requirements (ERs) that meet specified quality standards, preparing participants to manage projects that adhere to both regulatory requirements and operational efficiency goals.

  • Who is this course for: Heat Network Operators, Heat Network Developers, Housing Associations, Local Authorities.
  • Key Learnings: Manage projects that adhere to both regulatory requirements and operational efficiency goals.

Specifically tailored for mechanical contractors, this course addresses the practical aspects of constructing heat networks. It provides in-depth knowledge of the HNTAS processes relevant to the construction phase, teaching contractors how to avoid typical failures seen in installation and commissioning. Through examples and case studies, trainees will learn the importance of setting and monitoring performance targets, ensuring each project component meets the desired standards.

  • Who is this course for: Mechanical Contractors
  • Key Learnings: Avoid typical failures in installation and commissioning.

This course prepares local authority and developer personnel to oversee the construction phases of heat networks. It mirrors the contractor-focused training but from a supervisory perspective, teaching how to ensure that all aspects of installation and commissioning are carried out correctly. Participants will learn to implement checks and balances that prevent typical construction phase errors, ensuring that the finished networks operate at peak efficiency and deliver expected comfort and cost savings to end users.

  • Who is this course for: Heat Network Operators, Heat Network Developers, Housing Associations, Local Authorities.
  • Key Learnings: Ensure construction phases are carried out correctly.


Grant Allowance & Course Cost

Thanks to the government grant, each person receives £500 for training, which perfectly covers the cost of our courses. This means you can benefit from our expert-led training at no cost to you or your organisation. Please note, however, that this grant can only be used for one course per person.

If you need more training solutions, whether it’s for multiple courses or group sessions, we can customise a package to meet your specific needs. Please fill in the form below with any enquiries, and our team will be happy to assist you.

Cancellation Fees

We understand that plans can change. You can cancel your registration up to 24 hours before the training date without any charge. If you’re unable to attend and don’t cancel in advance, we may need to charge a small fee to cover administrative costs.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for the grant-funded training courses is managed by the Midlands Net Zero Hub. You can review their privacy policy on their website here.

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