Do you need support applying for government finding? FairHeat has the expertise and experience to help you secure government funding through different public schemes available.

Heat Network Efficiency Scheme

FairHeat has extensive experience in analysing and improving the performance of heat networks. The Specialist Operations team have conducted performance analyses on over 80 operational heat networks, using a process that includes operational data assessment and site inspections. This process was documented and is now used as an industry guide published by the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ), the Heat Network Optimisation Guide.

FairHeat’s expert team participated in 10 Heat Network Optimisation Opportunities projects, contributing to the establishment of the HNES demonstrator scheme with the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero.
In 2021, through the Heat Network Efficiency Scheme (HNES) Demonstrator, FairHeat undertook numerous optimisation studies and capital funded grants projects. The Operations team, consisting of experienced engineers, helped clients secure funding for 33 projects, with a total of £2.8 million awarded out of a £4.175 million budget.

Overall, FairHeat has worked on over 300 heat network projects in the UK, with a strong background in performance improvement for operational networks, both under HNES and specific client requests.

FairHeat has an impressive track record in supporting clients with government funding applications, boasting a 100% success rate in over 50 applications over the last five years.

To ensure successful applications, FairHeat collaborates with clients to evaluate the current performance of their heat networks, identifying any sub-optimal issues. This process involves collecting heat network data and calculating key metrics like pump energy, network heat loss, and efficiency.

For Capital Works applications, FairHeat sets performance targets by modelling potential improvements achievable through interventions. They also use their internal database or contractor costs to estimate realistic spending for grant applications.

FairHeat conducts comprehensive optimisation studies through government funded schemes. These studies involve detailed site audits, technical assessments to identify efficiency optimisation opportunities, and developing full business cases with financial analysis using internal or contractor pricing.

FairHeat has been involved in all stages of such projects. This includes initial design support, tender reviews, delivery, and verification of works on-site. Their support encompasses retrofit design, quality assurance of contractor costs and proposals, and on-site work delivery as the Principal Contractor using a team of subcontractors. This comprehensive approach ensures effective implementation and improvement of heat network performance.

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Public sector Decarbonisation Scheme

To date, FairHeat’s Specialist Operations Team has been engaged to develop funding applications by 4 public sector bodies, covering 14 buildings, with a total value of around £19 million in funding.

The applications included:

  • Connection of public sector buildings to a low carbon district heating network.
  • Upgrades to building level heating and hot water systems to permit more efficient operation and enable the connection of low carbon heat technologies through flow and return temperature reductions.
  • Upgrades to fabric performance of the building and installation of solar PV

FairHeat’s Specialist Operations team have experience in crafting thorough funding applications. Additionally, FairHeat possess extensive knowledge in heat decarbonisation and various other decarbonisation approaches specifically tailored for public sector buildings. These services include:

  • Conducting surveys and options appraisals to identify opportunities for decarbonisation
  • Producing design documentation, energy savings calculations and cost plans
  • Supporting on the PSDS application process with respect other elements – e.g. programme, planning, DNO engagement

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