Gareth Jones BSC(HONS)
Managing Director, FairHeat

Lucy Sherburn, MENG
Senior Engineer, FairHeat

Jake Adamson MEng(Hons), MCIBSE
Consulting Engineer, FairHeat


Performance outcomes of a heat network can be measured using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which can be assessed against a target level to determine compliance. Research has been carried out to determine an appropriate set of KPIs for use within the Heat Network Technical Assurance Scheme.

A review of existing literature, industry O&M contracts and existing heat network performance has been carried out to identify KPIs. These KPIs have been discussed within working groups, containing industry specialists, to come to an agreed position.

28 KPIs have been determined and categorized into 6 categories.

These KPIs set a framework for measuring and monitoring heat network performance. Further works will develop the measurement methodology, and suitable targets to demonstrate good heat network performance.