On Tuesday 23rd April 2024 FairHeat hosted their 9th annual conference bringing together colleagues, leaders, and experts in the heat networks sector to discuss key issues, showcase technical discoveries and present practical solutions. The full day event was hosted at the Building Centre, followed by a networking event in the Marquis of Granby.

This full day event, provided unique insights and presentations focused on “The importance and development of Quality Assurance of Heat in 2024”, with FairHeat experts and guest speakers from across the industry.

Session 1: Industry Regulations – Heat Network Zoning, HNTAS and more.

The much anticipated tell-all presentation and panel discussion on the market situation and regulatory changes in the industry, touched on key topics such as the Heat Network Technical Assurance Scheme, Heat Zoning and much more. Gareth Jones, Managing director at FairHeat and Lead Technical Author of HNTAS, led the presentation and was joined by a dynamic panel of guest speakers:

  • John Christopher, Senior policy advisor | Heat networks policy team, Department of Energy Security & Net Zero
  • Yasmin Burton, Heat Network Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Energy Security & Net Zero
  • Richard Bellingham, Head Of Heat Networks Implementation, Ofgem
  • Caroline Bragg, Interim CEO, the Association for Decentralised Energy
  • Phil Jones, Independent Energy Consultant, Building Energy Solutions

Session 2A: Quality Assurance of New Build Developments and its importance with upcoming regulations

The session was led by Michael Ridge, Associate Director & Head of New Build at FairHeat, and included presentations on the critical role of client briefs, peer reviews, and design strategies in new build developments, emphasising how these factors influence effective delivery and reduce operational risks. Speakers included:

  • Rob Boyer, Portfolio Decarbonisation Lead | Sustainable Development Group, AECOM
  • Nathan Barrington, Senior Design & Technical Manager, Southern Housing Group
  • Phil Smailes, Managing Director, IMEX
  • Daniel Staunton, Associate Engineer & Head of Technical, FairHeat
  • Freddie Valletta, Principal Engineer, FairHeat

Session 2B: How upcoming regulations will affect heat network operators and how to prepare for it.

This session covered an overview of the practical effects of upcoming regulations on operators. The session featured an exclusive case study, with insights into the resident perspective and consumer protection, as well as guidance on the government funding and support available. Speakers included:

  • Thomas Naughton, Associate Director & Head of Operations at FairHeat
  • Alex Trebowicz, Director of training & skills at the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ)
  • Dan Perager, Head of Heating, Energy & water at the Notting Hill Genesis
  • Louise Singleton, Principal Consultant, Gemserv
  • Stephen knight, Managing Director, Heat Trust

Session 3: Technical Innovation & Research Session

Focused on advancing technical standards, this session showcased unique research from our engineers that has been created for the Heat Network Technical Assurance Scheme. Lucy Sherburn, Senior Engineer at FairHeat, chaired the session, presentations included:

  • Determining the value of reduction in oversizing and complexity of heat networks by Nina Dungworth, Consulting Engineer, FairHeat
  • Determining optimal insulation thicknesses for communal distribution pipework by Laura Rashed, Graduate Engineer, FairHeat
  • Overview of Acceptance Testing for the Heat Network Technical Assurance Scheme by Jake Adamson, Consulting Engineer, FairHeat and Sebastian Janssens, Graduate Engineer, FairHeat
  • Minimum performance thresholds for Legacy Networks, including water quality by Francesca James, Consulting Engineer, FairHeat and Faizah Ahmed, Graduate Engineer, FairHeat
  • Standardised procedures – Heat Network Performance Improvement Plan and Standardised HIU Servicing Procedure by Thomas Lupton, Graduate Engineer, FairHeat and Faye Bautista, Graduate Engineer, FairHeat

For any follow-up questions or further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on info@fairheat.com.