On Wednesday 27th January 2021, FairHeat celebrated its 6th anniversary virtually. The event, which was attended by over 150 people in the industry brought together colleagues, leaders, and experts in the heat networks sector to discuss key issues, showcase technical discoveries and present practical solutions. The full day event was divided into three themes:

  • How we transition to low carbon heat
  • A technical showcase
  • How to decarbonise heat

The session recordings and presentations are now available and can be viewed below.

Session One | How We Transition to Low Carbon Heat

The transition of heat networks to low carbon is rapidly changing the industry. The decarbonisation of heat has never been more important and heat networks play an essential part in achieving our decarbonisation targets. With this major transition, the need to protect the customer will become more and more essential, creating a huge regulatory challenge for the industry.
How do we deliver on this as an industry? How do we regulate in a period of major growth and change? Watch this session to understand the major shifts in regulation and how the industry is responding.


Panel Discussion


  • Gareth Jones, Managing Director, FairHeat
  • Caroline Bragg , Head of Policy, The Association for Decentralised Energy
  • Shivali Mathur, Heat Networks Specialist, BEIS
  • Mariota Smutz, Head of Policy & Quality Assurance, FairHeat
  • Phil Jones, Energy Consultant, Building Energy Solution
  • Tanja Growth, Director of Urban Energy, Sweco
  • Noah Nkonge, Head of Partnerships, Vattenfall


  • FH6A – Session One – Introduction by Gareth JonesDownload
  • FH6A – Session One – Regulatory Change by Caroline BraggDownload
  • FH6A – Session One – Customer Protection by Shivali MathurDownload
  • FH6A – Session One – Assurance by Mariota SmutzDownload
  • FH6A – Session One – CP1 2020 by Phil JonesDownload
  • FH6A – Session One – Skills Gap by Tanja GrothDownload
  • FH6A – Session One – How the Industry Will Respond by Noah NkongeDownload

Session Two | Technical Showcase

As every year, the FairHeat team has done extensive research, collaborating with various organisations to make great discoveries and collecting insights that is much needed in the industry. Watch this session with FairHeat and guest speakers as we share technical presentations on the following:

External HIU’s: Removing the Access Barrier to Maintaining Network Performance

  • Tom Burton, Consulting Engineer, FairHeat
  • Clare Murray, Associate – Head of Sustainability, Levitt Bernstein

Water Treatment: Closed System Water Treatment

  • Peter Horne, Consulting Engineer, FairHeat
  • Ellie Hiscock, Graduate Engineer, FairHeat
  • Jon Petts, M&E Service Manager, Telford Homes

Domestic Hot Water: Implications of the Changes to Domestic Hot Water Minimum Requirements in CP1 2020

  • Gareth Jones, Managing Director, FairHeat
  • Andrew Mackay, Senior Engineer, Arup & CIBSE Domestic Hot Water Working Group Member

Plate Heat Exchange and Substations: Standardising Plate Heat Exchanges and Control Approaches at Substations

  • Lucy Sherburn, Graduate Engineer, FairHeat
  • Dan Staunton, Senior Engineer, FairHeat
  • Soulla Paphitis, Software Solutions Manager – District Energy UK, Danfoss

Acceptance Testing: Why All Heat Network Stakeholders Should Be Implementing Acceptance Testing

  • Freddie Valletta, Lead Engineer, FairHeat
  • Ellen Hassett, Consulting Engineer, FairHeat
  • Ricky Stevens, Operations Director, Orchard Plumbing
  • Paul Craig, M&E Site Manager, Telford Homes


  • FH6A – Session Two – External HIUs by Tom Burton & Clare MurrayDownload
  • FH6A – Session Two – Water Treatment by Peter Horne, Ellie Hiscock & Jon PettsDownload
  • FH6A – Session Two – Domestic Hot Water by Gareth Jones & Andrew MackayDownload
  • FH6A – Session Two – Plate Heat Exchanges and Substations by Lucy Sherburn, Dan Staunton & Soulla PaphitisDownload
  • FH6A – Session Two – Acceptance Testing by Freddie Valletta, Ellen Hassett, Ricky Stevens & Paul CraigDownload