FairHeat 5th Birthday Event 2020 - Teaser

FairHeat 6th Anniversary 2021

FH6A - Session One - Intruduction by Gareth Jones

FH6A - Session One - How we transition to low carbon

FH6A - Session One - Panel Discussion

FH6A - Session Two - External HIU's

FH6A - Session Two - Water Treatment

FH6A - Session Two - Domestic Hot Water

FH6A - Session Two - Acceptance Testing

FH6A - Session Two - Plate Heat Exchanger and Substations

FH6A - Session Three - How to Decarbonise Heat Networks

FH6A - Session Three - Panel Discussion - How to Decarbonise Heat Networks


FairHeat, Sycous, Guru Systems WebinarTowards efficient, low carbon heat networks for social housing

FairHeat WebinarMaking Heat Networks work for Social Housing Providers and their Residents