FairHeat congratulates Graduate Engineers Ellen Hassett, Peter Horne, Ryan Harris, and Tom Burton, who have Successfully completed the graduated program and will now be promoted to Consulting Engineers.

The goal of FairHeat’s graduate scheme is to inspire and develop engineers that will become the future leaders of the industry, developing technical skills, knowledge, and experience in all aspects of heat network development.

Over two years, the graduates have done six-month placements across the full lifecycle of a heat network, which includes a mix of practical onsite work and office-based work to ensure they gain a complete understanding of how heat networks operate. The programme also includes delivering a series of special projects that focus on areas of business improvement or technical innovation.

Michael Ridge, Principle Engineer at FairHeat, comments:

Back in September 2018 FairHeat launched its first 24-month graduate program in which Ellen, Peter, Ryan, and Tom joined the company. Since then, each of them has completed the four six-month placements and experienced all areas of the business. During this time, they have all developed an excellent technical grounding in heat networks and had a really positive impact on the successful delivery of multiple projects. It has been very rewarding seeing them grow in confidence and find their voice in the industry. I am looking forward to seeing the four of them becoming future industry leaders in heat networks and see how they grapple the big challenges we face in decarbonising heat. I am very confident that they will be up to the task.

Tom Naughton, Associate at FairHeat, Comments:

Over the last two years Peter, Tom, Ellen and Ryan have progressed far beyond my expectations and gone from chemical engineering graduates without any knowledge of the existence of district heating to what I would consider experts. They have a great understanding of the full lifecycle of heat networks – from specification to the improvement of legacy systems and in a very short time, they all became dependable team members. As well as playing a big part in FairHeat’s growth and development, they have also contributed to district heating in the UK by joining networks, presenting at conferences and playing an integral role in industry initiatives. While they may not realise it, Peter, Ellen, Tom, and Ryan have played a great role in shaping the vision and ethos of FairHeat. I am really excited to see how they continue to develop and take a greater role in this sector.

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