FairHeat is now an Official Training Provider Under the Government’s Heat Training Grant, Launching Fully-Funded Heat Network Training Courses.

FairHeat is proud to announce it is now an official training provider under the government’s heat training grant. This enables FairHeat to offer a comprehensive suite of seven fully-funded training courses, designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of professionals in the heat network sector.

With the launch of its new training programme, FairHeat aims to address the growing demand for skilled personnel amidst the expansion of heat networks and evolving regulatory landscape. The courses cover every aspect of heat network management, from design and feasibility to operation and maintenance, ensuring that participants are well-prepared to tackle industry challenges.

Key Features of the Training Programme:

  • Fully-Funded Courses: Thanks to a £500 government grant per person, participants can enjoy expert-led training at no cost to themselves or their organisation.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The seven courses offer a blend of technical knowledge and practical skills, covering the entire lifecycle of heat networks.
  • Expert Trainers: Courses are led by industry professionals with extensive experience in the heat network sector.
  • Accessible Learning: Designed to be understandable and practical, the training is suitable for both technical and non-technical professionals.

Course Offerings:

  1. Improving the Performance of Existing Heat Networks
  2. Setting Heat Tariffs on Heat Networks
  3. HIU Servicing for Maintenance Engineers
  4. Heat Network Feasibility Studies: How to Get It Right
  5. Effective Quality Assurance for New Heat Networks
  6. Heat Network Construction – Guide for Contractors
  7. Heat Network Construction – Guide for Local Authorities and Developers

For more information about the training courses and to register, please visit FairHeat’s Training page.

About FairHeat

FairHeat is an award-winning specialist engineering consultancy focused on quality assurance for heat networks, dwellings, and buildings. As a trusted industry leader, FairHeat is dedicated to spearheading quality assurance innovation in the UK, providing expert guidance and support to enhance the performance and efficiency of heat networks.