Nikzad Falahati MENG(HONS), PHD
Consulting Engineer, FairHeat

Francesca James MENG(HONS)
Graduate Engineer, FairHeat

Thomas Naughton BSC(HONS), CENG, MCIBSE
Associate, FairHeat


A performance analysis of 32 operational heat networks in the UK has been conducted. Potential interventions to optimise the networks are determined per scheme through the analysis of data and on-site observations. Core to the analytical approach is the development of a heat loss model. Pump performance was also modelled based on improved control strategies to evaluate electricity requirements.

The modelled mean average reduction in network heat loss, following the proposed optimisation works, was 33-52% for each dwelling. The decrease in heat losses and pump energy consumption lead to an average energy cost saving of £254-£392 and help to prevent 370-650kg of carbon emissions per dwelling per year.

The process of optimising the performance of heat networks with cost effective interventions has been developed.