In the quest to provide low-carbon heating solutions that also keep energy costs down for residents, many have turned to heat networks. Yet, the reality often falls short of the envisioned high-efficiency, reliable, and cost-effective networks. The industry is rife with networks that underperform, plagued by frequent downtimes and escalating costs. Developers face challenges due to inconsistencies in energy strategies, equipment procurement, and installation quality across different sites. Moreover, the existing contractual terms make rectification challenging. ESCOs now demand higher standards and concrete evidence that heat network designs and installations meet their criteria.

At FairHeat, we’re here to change that narrative. We believe in the potential of heat networks and are committed to helping you realise the vision you had for them. Our FairHeat supplement package is a testament to this commitment. This award-nominated, collaborative approach ensures your heat network vision is consistently executed from inception to operation.

FairHeat assists you in crafting supplements that clearly define your design intent and outline the steps to achieve it. Our Quality Assurance processes ensures that the design aligns with your specifications. Moreover, our quality assurance process provides comprehensive evidence, validating that each stage of your heat network’s development meets the highest standards. The documentation not only strengthens your contractual position but also promotes transparency with consultants and contractors throughout the design and installation phases.

By implementing our supplements, you can:

  • Attain high-efficiency, cost-effective, and low-carbon heat networks.
  • Standardise processes across your developments to ensure consistency in the strategy and quality of your networks.
  • Sit alongside your employer’s requirements to protect you from contractual battles over rectifying poor performance and off-specification installations.
  • Ensure consultants are developing a design to your intent.
  • Ensure contractors are delivering your design to a high standard.
  • Give detailed evidence of the complete process which will increase the confidence of ESCOs looking to take on your networks.

FairHeat’s supplements are already in place with over 20 housing developers across the UK who are already seeing improvements in both the delivery process and outcomes of their heat networks. Tessa Barraclough, Head of Technical at One Housing Group, is having lots of success using the contractor supplement to drive their quality assurance process. Tessa Comments:

“The Contractor Supplement allows us to drive the conversation with consultants and partners and sets out our technical requirements in a way that is clear for us to track in, and we firmly believe will deliver a better system for us and our residents.”

Tessa Barraclough, Head of Technical, One Housing Group

Vattenfall procured both an energy strategy and design supplement from FairHeat and Selene Molina, Head of Engineering at Vattenfall, was impressed with the development of their standards, Selene comments:

“FairHeat’s support validating and setting our District Heating standards has been priceless. Every member of the team we have worked with has gone the extra mile to answer our questions and generate healthy debate.”

Selene Molina, Head of Engineering, Vattenfall

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