System Maintenance and Optimal Operation

Proactive Issue Identification & Resolution

Comprehensive Evidence Pack for Handover


The client is a Housing Association with a residential development Located in Harrow, London. This primarily residential site also houses a commercial connection. The development utilises gas boilers as its heat generation source, and each dwelling receives heating and hot water through Heat Interface Units (HIUs).


The Housing Association engaged FairHeat for their expertise and support during the Defects Liability Period (DLP). The primary goal was to ensure that the contractor had diligently met all their obligations during the DLP, as evidenced by site audits and other documentation. Key objectives of the DLP support included:

  • Monitoring water quality consistently.
  • Regularly executing Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) activities and promptly addressing any arising issues.
  • Ensuring that the HIUs and plant maintained performance levels consistent with their initial commissioning, as assessed via remote heat meter data.
  • Providing support over a two-year span with quarterly reporting to mitigate potential risks faced by the housing association.

FairHeat Solution

FairHeat implemented a comprehensive quarterly review system, producing detailed reports for each quarter. The activities included:

  1. Water Quality Review: Trends in water quality were plotted over time, with any discrepancies promptly highlighted to the client.
  2. Remote Dwelling & Network Performance Review: Using Guru and BMS data, a quarterly performance assessment was conducted at both dwelling and network levels to identify and address any issues.
  3. Planned Preventative Maintenance Review: A sample of PPM reports was reviewed quarterly to ensure the O&M contractor’s compliance and performance met expectations. Any inadequacies or deviations were promptly reported to the client.
  4. Final Review: At the end of the DLP, a thorough inspection of the plant room and network was conducted. This ensured that any lingering issues were identified and resolved before the final handover.


Over the two-year DLP, the contractor largely met their responsibilities. However, FairHeat’s vigilant oversight ensured that any identified issues were swiftly addressed, ensuring optimal system performance. Remote heat meter data analysis over the period confirmed that the HIUs, network, and energy centre consistently met performance expectations. The flow and return temperatures from the energy centre and blocks aligned with design specifications, underscoring the value of DLP support in maintaining system performance excellence.

FairHeat’s involvement in the development ensured that the heating system was not only properly maintained but also operated under the correct conditions. Through regular reviews, including water quality checks and performance assessments, FairHeat ensured that the system consistently functioned at its optimal level, guaranteeing residents received efficient heating and hot water services.

Throughout the Defects Liability Period (DLP), FairHeat’s vigilant oversight meant that any potential complications were swiftly identified. Their proactive approach ensured that these issues were addressed promptly, preventing any long-term impact on system performance and ensuring residents’ comfort and satisfaction.

At the conclusion of the DLP, FairHeat produced a detailed “evidence pack” that documented the system’s performance, maintenance activities, and any rectifications made. This comprehensive documentation provided the housing association with the assurance they needed for a satisfactory handover, confirming that the contractor had met all their obligations and that the system was in top condition.


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