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Reliable Operating Temperature Profile

Visually Impressive Energy Centre Installation

“The funding provided by the HNES demonstrator allowed us to successfully tackle an issue of overheating; we now have a new, efficient and reliable heat network.  By reducing the operating temperature of the network by 20 0C, we have significantly reduced energy consumption.  As a result, residents have far more control within their homes and the system has been future-proofed for low carbon technology. Working with Fairheat has been a really positive experience and this project has clearly demonstrated what can be achieved within an older building.”

Maria Adcock

Head of Contract Management, The Guinness Partnership


The Guinness Partnership (TGP) is a renowned residential property management company that provides housing, care, and support services to individuals in need. TGP faced significant challenges in one of its occupied residential buildings, Waverley Court in Crewe. The building, which was 50 years old, required a solution to address overheating issues, reduce gas usage, and retrofit the heat network to a more efficient and sustainable system. To tackle these challenges, TGP engaged with FairHeat.


Waverley Court had a 1-pipe system with 40 risers installed through dwellings providing space heating to radiators. The domestic hot water (DHW) system heated cylinders in dwelling utilities cupboards, resulting in significant overheating in flats due to high temperatures, inefficient operation, and inadequate insulation. Moreover, the residents were not being billed for heat, leading to large gas usage on-site due to inefficient operation. Retrofit opportunities were identified to simplify the system, lower temperatures, and future proof the network for heat pump installation or district connection.

One of the significant challenges was installing a new energy centre while operating the old system, which was subsequently removed post-commissioning of the new system. The main hurdle was to install a new system whilst minimising disruption to residents.

FairHeat Solution

FairHeat successfully installed a new two-pipe system that fed Heat Interface Units (HIUs) in dwellings. This involved removing the entire previous system, including emitters, and replacing all emitters whilst minimising disruption to residents. By improving the network’s simplicity, eight optimally sized risers were installed through dwellings, resulting in efficient operation on a 55/40 oC temperature profile.
Despite the challenges associated with accessing dwellings, FairHeat’s team overcame them through regular communication with the client team, TGP, and by engaging with residents via a Resident Liaison Officer, who understood their concerns and personal circumstances. FairHeat closely collaborated with Building Control to ensure firestopping works were carried out as per the specifications.

Throughout the project, The Guinness Partnership led resident engagement sessions, supported by FairHeat, to keep everyone informed and educated about the project’s benefits. Residents had the opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions, while TGP facilitated access bookings and managed asbestos removal works. These efforts resulted in improved relationships between residents, contractors, and the management company.


The retrofit project was tremendously successful, with excellent feedback from residents regarding heating operation and quality. The new system effectively addressed overheating issues, significantly reduced gas usage by 60%, and operated efficiently on a 55/40 oC temperature profile. The installation of the energy centre was visually impressive and will enhance the building’s energy efficiency.

The collaboration between TGP and FairHeat was pivotal to the project’s success. Waverley Court serves as an excellent example of how retrofitting can improve the energy efficiency of buildings while meeting the needs of residents.

“very pleased with the new heating system, great to have control over each area in the flat and also feel like I am contributing to the buildings reduced energy usage”


Waverley Court, The Guinness Partnership

One of the key highlights of the Waverley Court retrofit project was the exceptional collaboration between the contractors from FairHeat and the residents of the building. Recognising the importance of resident engagement, The Guinness Partnership took the lead in organizing resident engagement sessions, which were supported by FairHeat. These sessions served as platforms for open communication, allowing residents to voice their concerns, provide feedback, and ask questions about the project.
FairHeat’s team actively engaged with the residents through a dedicated Resident Liaison Officer, who understood the unique circumstances and concerns of each resident. Regular communication and transparency played a crucial role in building trust and ensuring that residents were well-informed about the progress and benefits of the retrofit works.

The collaborative approach fostered a sense of ownership and involvement among the residents, making them active participants in the project. This partnership between contractors and residents created a positive atmosphere, with mutual understanding and shared goals, ultimately leading to improved relationships and a smoother implementation process.

One of the primary objectives of the retrofit project at Waverley Court was to achieve a reliable and efficient operating temperature profile for the heat network. FairHeat successfully accomplished this by implementing a new two-pipe system feeding Heat Interface Units (HIUs) in dwellings.

The new system was designed to operate on a temperature profile of 55/40 oC, which refers to a supply temperature of 55 degrees Celsius and a return temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. This profile optimized the efficiency of the heat network, ensuring that the residents received the desired level of warmth while minimizing energy waste.

By establishing a reliable and well-controlled temperature profile, FairHeat effectively addressed the previous issues of overheating and inefficient operation experienced by the residents. The implementation of this optimized temperature profile not only improved comfort levels but also resulted in significant energy savings and reduced gas usage within the building.

Another notable highlight of the Waverley Court retrofit project was the visually impressive energy centre installation. FairHeat’s expertise and attention to detail were evident in the design and execution of the energy centre, which served as the heart of the new heat network system.

The energy centre was strategically located and designed to accommodate the necessary equipment and infrastructure required for efficient heat generation, distribution, and control. The installation not only met functional requirements but also showcased a visually appealing design, reflecting the commitment to modern and sustainable heating solutions.

The visually impressive energy centre not only enhanced the aesthetics of the building but also demonstrated The Guinness Partnership’s dedication to investing in energy-efficient technologies and creating a more sustainable living environment for the residents of Waverley Court.


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